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Rug Care - F.A.Q's

General Care

  • Lightly vacuum once or twice a week. Avoid the most powerful settings that may cause pilling or shedding. Vacuum under the base of the rug as trapped particles will often wear flooring, especially timber.
  • Rotate your rug every three months to reduce uneven wear or fading. Some rugs are fully reversible for extended life.
  • On hard floors, the use of a rug pad will to extend the life and prevent sliding hazards.
  • Professionally clean your rugs every two years

How to deal with spills/stains

  • Use a paper towel or white cloth to blot spills without wiping or scrubbing which will spread the stain Blot the spill from the edge to the centre to prevent spreading the stain. DO NOT RUB the spill. If this is not effective use a small amount of mild soap and warm water and repeat.

Why is my rug shedding?

  • It is normal for rugs to shed some fibres when new. Wool and viscose rugs shed more than polypropylene or nylon rugs, however shedding should stop within a month or so.

Natural vs synthetic rug fibres

  • Synthetic fibres like polypropylene and polyester provide good durability and stain resistance, ideal for high traffic and utility areas. Natural fibers like wool and cotton have been around for centuries and offer vivid colours, excellent wearability and great appearance retention but are more likely to stain if exposed to moist areas.

Why is my new rug not lying flat?

  • Creasing and waviness is common in rolled rugs when just unpacked. Ideally reverse roll the rug and leave it for a few hours. Laying the rug in the sun for an hour or so also is also a proven method for the fibres to loosen and flatten.

Why is my rug fading?

  • With exposure to sunlight, rug colours typically fade over time. Direct sunlight will cause fading faster than indirect sunlight. Rugs containing jute and wool will fade the fastest whilst polyester, acrylic and nylon will fade slower than natural fibres. Polypropylene is the most fade resistant. We recommend you rotate your rug every 6 months to prevent uneven fading.